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Taste the Difference

Gourmet 28CM Grill Pan by Taste The Difference

Gourmet 28CM Grill Pan by Taste The Difference

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Superior, Long-lasting, Non-stick Performance

When you're wanting that perfect grill flavour and look, the Taste the Difference Gourmet grill pan is the pan for you. The raised ridges on the base provide the signature grill marks and allow the fat to drain right away giving the classic crispy finish.

Whether it be a juicy steak, prime fillet of fish, crisp vegetable, or your favourite grill recipe, the Taste the Difference Gourmet grill pan will deliver. The detachable handle makes this oven safe so you can go straight from your stove-top to the oven, just click and go

Why Taste The Difference Cookware?

  • No fats or oil needed so you can cook & eat healthier.
  • Long Lasting super non-stick performance.
  • Steel utensil friendly: Unbeatable abrasion & scratch resistance.
  • Fast & Easy to clean.
  • Commercial Grade cookware for the home cook.
  • Dishwasher Safe for even easier cleaning.
  • Advanced Polymer Technology
  • PFOA Free

What is Advanced Polymer Technology?

A unique triple layer reinforced coating which provides the superior cooking and durability properties to the Taste the Difference Gourmet range:

  • Hardened base coat featuring specially selected and blended resins
  • Reinforced mid coat to provide even more durability and strength
  • Ultra release top coat with specific polymers and rough finish give the unrivalled nonstick properties


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